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How it works

3 simple steps to automate your TikTok account and blow it up
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Connect your Tiktok account
Via our ultra secured system.
Jeffrey performs follow / unfollow actions
He will follow accounts in your target (that you define at registration) and stop following them a few days after.
See subscribers flocking by hundreds
Real targeted, engaged followers.

Why use Jeffrey ?

real community

Real followers & engagement

We provide automation, not fake accounts. You'll see awesome people joining your community.

Dashboard with statistics

A beautiful dashboard displays the performances and the results so you can analyse and improve.

Smart targetting

You can target communities of other accounts and filter by countries for a better targeting. Jeffrey uses a special AI based algorithm to target active accounts.
Security icon

Security first

Security is at the heart of Jeffrey since the beginning. We have a long term vision and take security very seriously.
Multiple account support

Multiple accounts

You can link as many TikTok account as you want to your Jeffrey account. We provide a special Dashboard for multiple account management.
Support team 24/7

Premium support

We are here to answer all of your question 24-7. Quick and relevant are our values. You can read what people think about that on Trustpilot.

3-days free trial, no credit card, cancel anytime

An advanced dashboard
to mesure and improve your performances

Go further with all the data provided by Jeffrey
Mac iphone dashboard responsive

Dashboard with 30 days data history

On your Jeffrey dashboard you have access to a 30 days data history in order to track your results. You'll see how much followers you gained in the last 30 days and have the repartition per days. Note that you also have access to a subscription tab where you can manage your automatic renewal and see your invoices.

Statistics and target accounts performance analysis

We provide statistics on the target accounts configured so that you can improve your targeting but also improve Jeffrey performances. These data will help you narrow down your target and increase the number of followers you earn each day.

Multi account supported

You can link as many Tiktok account as you want on your Jeffrey account. Each account will have its own subscription and its own trial period. We also developed a specific page for multi account management to make it simple for you to handle many accounts.


What our clients say about us

Yann Gth picture
Yann Gthverified account
Easy to use, fluid and of quality, Jeffrey's services are transparent and meet their promises. I recommend !
Review verified on Trustpilot
Dara Tombroff picture
Dara Tombroffverified account
Very efficient, very professional! Really great surprise. Thank you !
Review verified on Trustpilot
Fabiana Lopes picture
Fabiana Lopesverified account
Incredible service! Excellent settings! And absolute security! Try Jeffrey allowed me to have more followers without even touching my phone! AWESOME!
Review verified on Trustpilot
Trusted by 1000+ brands and influencers.


pricing enterprise
per month
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  • Follow / unfollow automation
  • Targeting on accounts and countries
  • Dashboard with 30 days data history
  • Statistics and target accounts performance analysis
  • Smart AI algorithm *
  • Secured connexion
  • Private proxy included for maximum security
  • Premium support
3-days free trial
no credit card
cancel anytime

* AI algorithm used to optimize accounts choosen for the follow / unfollow.
pricing enterprise
per month
  • All Starter plan features
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Performance reports and advanced statistic on your account
  • Phone support
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Are these real followers ?
Yes. We don't buy any likes or followers. There are no fake accounts, we provide you with the best users : interested by your content. For more information, please read "How do you boost the engagement on my account?" just below.
How do you boost the engagement on my account ?
We automate the process of engagement with other accounts by performing follow / unfollow strategy. Once these accounts discover your account through the generated activity, many accounts will choose to follow you and become engaged with your TikTok content.
Is this service safe for my account ?
Yes. The activity and functionality of your TikTok account will remain absolutely normal. There has never been an issue with a reported or banned TikTok account. However, you are responsible for your own activity on TikTok, and you are advised not to abuse with follow / unfollow manually.
Will Jeffrey unfollow my friends ?
No. He will only unfollow accounts that he followed himself before.
Am I engaged towards your service ?
No. You can cancel your subscription when you want and re-activate it whenever you need. FLEXIBILITY first ! 😉

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